This is the content-wise extended pool page for accessing range of projects, papers and research have been done or still processed by Emin Durak. If you like to view a more conspicuous presentation, leave here.

He's currently an MFA student in Experience Design at Interdisciplinary Studies department at Konstfack in Stockholm; which is the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design of Sweden. Besides, during his 1st year in Stockholm, he's voluntarily taken courses from Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) on "Trendspotting & Future Forecasting", and as well as from Stockholm University (SU) on "Theatre Activism" and "Historiography in the Aesthetical Sciences" for which he has written several papers. He holds an Undergraduate in Industrial Product Design degree (BSc equivalent) from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) where he did his BSc graduation project that was gained in 2010. He has also studied Products & Systems Design Engineering at University of the Aegean. Click the links to access referred information and documents in pdf format. Every name will have a substantial link.



Konstfack Experience Design portfolio can be viewed. It includes the major projects that have been done at Konstfack throughout the academic year 2010-2011 which comprises the Nobel Prize Project - Charter 10, Opera (click here for the video and here for the procedure), fragments of Gecekondu and Pressure Studios.

Pre-2010 Industrial Design portfolio could well be reached also, it's preserved in respect to formal mindset.

2010-2011 Design Works inclusive of industrial, graphic, web and information architecture projects are presented with a more updated form and it includes the BSc Industrial Design graduation project as well.

If you like, view the Compile pdf inclusive of all the three portfolios mentioned above instead (6.3 mb).



Gecekondu project is practical presentation and a concrete representation of a paper Emin presented in Gent, Belgium. If you like, take a look at that paper called "Composing an Open Society towards adaptive & adoptive Cities" which was presented at the Fragile International Conference at Sint-Lucas University of Architecture and Urban Design. Conceptual approach on the situation of Informal Settlements in the world has been studied theoretically and practically during that project. For more info, click here. And for the research presentation on Gecekondu sites in Istanbul by Kuba Krukar and Emin, in guidance of Gökhan Karakuş, click here.

The paper he wrote at Stockholm University on "An Overview on the History of Islamic Art" could also be accessed, as well as the final one on the destruction of Taksim Kışlası called "Destruction of History".

He has also written a critique called "Postmodern Autonomy: A Critique on Splitter" on the performance called Splitter that was performed at Dramaten, the Royal Theatre in Stockholm. Splitter is the final collective work of Autonomous Actors 2011 MA graduates at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in acting. The paper is based mainly on the book of Jean-François Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition, as well as some other diverse references varying from Adorno's sense of autonomy to Benjamin's explanations on cultic art, to Deleuzian sense of philosophy & aesthetics.

You can also view the final research presentation of the course Trendspotting & Future Forecasting at SSES; for instance the one on the Future of Industry and the one on Cloud Computing.


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 CONTACT / / +46 736 498 974 / +90 532 292 8451 

He currently resides in Stockholm, pursues his work at his studio at Konstfack, & elsewhere in an out of Stockholm.

Studio address: Emin Durak, Experience Design Group, Konstfack LM Ericssons väg 14 Box: 3601 Stockholm 121 55 Sweden

Postal (home) address: Emin Durak C/O Holmgren B. Kaptensgatan 11 Tr.2 Stockholm 114 57 Sweden

e-mail: e10durak[at] / emin[at]


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